My animal injured somebody

If a dog bites a person, the legislation of the Czech Republic requires that the dog is examined by a veterinarian to evaluate if the dog has been infected by rabies or not. Even if your dog has been vaccinated, you need to go to a veterinarian, following the same scheme as when entering the country. It means that you will go to the vet twice, with 4–5 days between the visits. Both times, the vet will perform a clinical examination and fill out documents for State Veterinary Administration (SVA). Even though it is not obligatory to go to the veterinarian if a cat bites or scratches somebody, it is highly recommendable.

Of course, the injured person needs to see a doctor, as the bite wounds are usually infected and antibiotic treatment is required. 

For assistance with finding the right veterinarian – call or text us on phone +420 776 469 986, (CZ, ENG) or if you speak Ukrainian only, just text us “I need help” to the same phone number and one of our Ukrainian speaking volunteers will call you back. You can also reach us on email address or Messenger – Veterináři bez hranic ČR (Link)