Arriving to CZ with a dog, cat or a ferret

State Veterinary Administration (SVA) eased the veterinary conditions for entry of pet animals (including dogs, cats and ferrets) from Ukraine to the territory of the Czech Republic. Refugees bringing their pets along may enter the country and deal with all the paperwork later. It applies to pets accompanying their owner and the number is limited to 5 animals per person.

Briefly, the duties of the owner that aim to prevent the possible spread of rabies or other infectious diseases include: 

  • Securing a 10-day quarantine for the pet. It means having a permanent control over the animal and avoiding contact with other animals.  
  • Take the pet to a private veterinarian for a clinical examination within 72 hours from the day of entry to the country. If the animal is not identified by microchip, the veterinarian will apply one. The examination has to be repeated between 6th and 10th day of the quarantine and rabies vaccine will be performed. The pet will receive a vaccination/pet passport. 
  • Submit a form with information about the pet to the Regional Veterinary Administration of the State (SVA) through a private veterinarian

Please, be also aware that it is obligatory in the Czech Republic to clean after your dog when it defecates. There are usually plastic bags available in public places.

Useful links and documents to download: 

Full-length information is provided on the web of SVA: Link 

On March 16, the conditions were updated. It is aimed to limit transport of animals of unknown origin to the country and reduce the risk of import of dangerous diseases. It is possible to apply for an exception to the SVA. The document is currently available only in Czech and can be found here: Link

Veterinary conditions for entry of pets from Ukraine (ENG) Link  Download

Form with information on a pet animal from Ukraine (ENG): Download

Veterinary conditions for entry of pets from Ukraine (UA): Link Download

Form with information on a pet animal from Ukraine (UA): Download

Directory of veterinarians offering the obligatory interventions for Ukrainian refugees with pets for free:

Assistance with finding the veterinarian – VSF CZ – call us on phone +420 776 469 986 (CZ, ENG) or if you speak Ukrainian only, text us “I need help” to the same phone number and one of our Ukrainian speaking volunteers will call you back. You can also reach us at email address or Messenger – Veterináři bez hranic ČR 

If you need assistance with securing the quarantine for your pet, you can contact Pomoc zvířatům UA who can help you. You can use telephone +420 739 447 358.
Initiative Pomoc zvířatům UA (Help animals UA)