Arriving to CZ with another animal

Other pets

No restrictions apply to traveling with other pet animals (rodents, bunnies, Guinea pigs, reptiles, hamsters, …) from the third countries (including Ukraine) to the Czech Republic. In this case (except for non-commercial movement pet birds) the Czech Republic does not establish any animal health conditions. The animals must be accompanied by the owner or an authorized person and cannot be intended for sale. The maximum number of pet animals that may accompany the owner or the authorized person during a single non-commercial movement shall not exceed five.

Official State Veterinary Administration (SVA) statement: Link


People wanting to bring a horse to the Czech Republic must follow the official veterinary conditions for entry of horses from Ukraine to the territory of the Czech Republic issued by the SVA which aim to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The document is currently available in CZ only, so we provide an unauthorized translation.

The person responsible for the horse originating from Ukraine must contact the Regional Veterinary Administration (RVA) and provide the location of the horse and: 

  • Secure a 30-day quarantine at the given farm immediately after arriving to the country. That means to stable the horse in a space isolated from other animals and having the horse permanently supervised by the owner or other person. 
  • Secure daily health check of the horse and keep record about it
  • Secure a clinical examination of the horse by a private veterinarian within 72 hours after stabling the horse to determine if the horse shows any symptoms of any infectious disease
  • Provide documents proving the origin and health history of the horse to the RVA if such documents exist
  • Secure the identification of the horse according to the legislation and if necessary, let the horse to be marked by a microchip 
  • Secure collection of a blood sample between 14th and 21st day of the quarantine and submit it to the State Veterinary Institute for examination of the following diseases: Equine infectious anemia (EIA), glanders, dourine (covering sickness). The horse must be identified (i.e. microchipped) before the sample is collected. 
  • Secure a clinical examination of the horse by a private veterinarian between 27th and 30th day of quarantine to determine if the horse shows any symptoms of any infectious disease. If the examination results will be satisfactory, the RVA may end the quarantine. 
  • Secure that the horse is not used for breeding during the quarantine 
  • To register the horse in the IZR database, except for the situation if the horse is going to stay in the country only temporarily 

If any symptoms of infectious disease will appear in the quarantined horse, the owner/person responsible must immediately secure a clinical examination of the horse by a private veterinarian or inform the RVA. 

Useful links and downloads:

Veterinary conditions for horses from Ukraine for entry to the territory of the Czech Republic (CZ): Link Download

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