Accommodation with animals & Info about shelters

Finding accommodation together with a pet may be very challenging. Many people in the Czech Republic have pets and many are open-minded about providing refuge to a pet owner. There are also animal shelters or NGOs securing temporary care for pets in need.

Useful links and downloads:

Alliance of several NGOs and animal shelters Pomoc zvířatům UA (Help UA animals) provides help with accommodation with pets. Link to their web. Link to their Facebook page. They operate an information line and speak Ukrainian +420 739 447 358.

Shelter of Brno Municipal Police offers temporary care for pets of Ukrainian refugees. The animals can stay for 15 days and can be taken back any time. If the owner can’t take the pet back, the shelter will offer it for adoption. All contracts are available in Ukrainian. Contact person: Mrs. Valešová, phone +420 541 218 415, +420 601 214 486; email, address: Bystrcká 46/1186, 624 00, Brno – Komín.

Non-governmental organization Pet Heroes offers help with temporary care for pets. They will take care of your pet until you manage all formalities and find suitable accommodation. You can contact them through Messenger (Link) or directly +420 774 653 354 (telephone, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram)

Various help offers are listed on this web Kde mohu pomoci (Where I can help). It is in the form of a map, so you can search for help around you.